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 Elke Osadnik

Welcome to Stateside Careers!

If you're surprised that my experience spans across US Immigration plus  Recruitment + Retention

and Interview Coaching, then you're not the first. It still surprises me to this day, yet here we are...

I have worked as a Recruitment + Retention Leader for approx. 24 years, coaching job applicants on how to

best prepare job applications, and work through phone, group, and in-person interviews. I have worked with Leadership teams, coaching staff about how to effectively source, select, and retain the right employees for their business - and it all starts + ends with combining compassion & empathy with preparation. Sounds simple, and it is.

I have worked with start-up, boutique, national, and multi-national companies in the UK, US, and Australia. I have worked with potential employees applying for roles anywhere in the world.

As an actor, my work background led me to learning more about the US Immigration Process approximately 10 years

ago, and eventually combine these two fields into a Practice that is here to tackle both sides of the fence - and

even tie it to the US market, if that is the direction an artist wishes to take.

Stateside Careers works with Employees, Employers, and Artists alike. Whether you're an artist

looking to pursue your O-1B artist visa, or EB1-A extraordinary ability visa (i.e. Green Card),

I will help you to find the path of least resistance, whilst remaining thorough, ethical

and fulfilled.

I work with a select number of clients so that all of my clients receive my

undivided attention and dedication. We journey together!

Elks xx

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