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Learn how to personally strengthen your experience in your creative field(s) of specialization in the most efficient and effective way in order to be ready to apply for your O-1B visa ASAP. We assist artists of all backgrounds with steering their careers towards the US. Learn how to source talent representation, build the credits that matter most, and more…

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Carefully navigate the US market to source the right US immigration law firm for you

Rapidly steer your career towards the US as per the intricate requirements of the US visa most relevant to you

Access your business manager to guide you through your US goals, relocation questions, and help you to adapt in to the US market



Your accelerated path to company sponsorship

Whether pursuing an E3 visa (Australians only) or an H1B visa (other Nationals), learn how to best navigate the US recruitment market, and approach companies about those advertised employment opportunities that suit your specialized experience.